[outages] Comcast/Xfinity outage

Chris Cherry cwcherry at outlook.com
Thu Jun 4 11:51:19 EDT 2020

There was a massive outage yesterday between 3 states.  I sent an email to the outages group yesterday and I didn’t see it come through till late last night, so I don’t know if that is part of the outage or not.  Anyways, yesterday I had 5 locations go dark at the same time, lost voice & data between 2 states.  When I called Comcasts number, I received the “no longer in service” message.  I managed to get a hold of a sales rep and they told me there was a massive outage between Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.  My locations finally came back up last evening.  I have heard rumblings of still other outages today.  I would have thought yesterdays outage would make the news, but it did not, but it was all over Twitter, and not only was Comcast’s service down, others who have them for cell service which supposedly uses Verizon towers, lost service as well.

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We have a couple of offices in Pennsylvania that use Comcast that are down. It sounds like it’s an area-wide outage that is expected to be resolved by 11:30 am (Eastern)


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Anyone aware of issues with Comcast? Were getting a lot of reports from the midwest about no internet/tv/voice.

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