[VoiceOps] GLBX soft switch

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I like the terms "SIP Trunk" and "Virtual PRI" because:

1.  It gives me mercifully short meetings with management

2.  Our sales force knows how to sell those things

Sure, all of us here know that we deal in multimedia sessions ("A multimedia session is a set of multimedia senders and receivers and the data streams flowing from senders to receivers.  A multimedia conference is  an example of a multimedia session."), but we killed entire crops of sales guys trying get those words to come out of their mouths in the right order.

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On Wed, 5 Aug 2009, Alex Balashov wrote:

> SIP trunking simply refers to a static arrangement of IP endpoints for
> the purpose of setting up multiple sessions between them in order to
> pass traffic.  It can either be access (for a customer) or traffic of
> an intra-industrial nature, such as private SIP peering between
> carriers or ITSPs.

I'm familiar with what SIP trunking is. You're right that it's imprecise.
However, the carrier/service provider I used to work for did make a distinction, as I recall. Ultimately, the mechanism is the same or at least similar (different facilities may be used).


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