[VoiceOps] GLBX soft switch

Colin zavoid at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 11:39:43 EDT 2009

That's almost as good as your #1 carrier for your number 1 destination  
not responding to SIP requests and you talk to their NOC and they tell  
you its a "billing" issue and contact your sales guys.. 2 hours later  
it turns out that, oh their SBC really was down and it's not a billing  
issue. so sorry....


On Aug 5, 2009, at 11:21 AM, Howard Hart wrote:

> And I do so love those 3 AM troubleshooting calls.
> Me: "You guys aren't responding to our SIP messages, can we get a  
> trouble ticket opened"
> Carrier Tech Support: "Sure, what's your main trunk number?"
> Me: "It's a SIP trunk, there is no main number. We have thousands of  
> numbers with you guys"
> CTS: "SIP, what's SIP?"
> Me: "It's a VoIP connection"
> CTS: "Ahh, OK. So where do I send the repairman to fix your T1 line?"
> Me: "Vint Cerf's house?"
> Sigh......
> Hiers, David wrote:
>> I like the terms "SIP Trunk" and "Virtual PRI" because:
>> 1.  It gives me mercifully short meetings with management
>> 2.  Our sales force knows how to sell those things
>>  Sure, all of us here know that we deal in multimedia sessions ("A  
>> multimedia session is a set of multimedia senders and receivers and  
>> the data streams flowing from senders to receivers.  A multimedia  
>> conference is an example of a multimedia session."), but we killed  
>> entire crops of sales guys trying get those words to come out of  
>> their mouths in the right order.
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>>  On Wed, 5 Aug 2009, Alex Balashov wrote:
>> >
>> > SIP trunking simply refers to a static arrangement of IP  
>> endpoints for
>> > the purpose of setting up multiple sessions between them in order  
>> to
>> > pass traffic.  It can either be access (for a customer) or  
>> traffic of
>> > an intra-industrial nature, such as private SIP peering between
>> > carriers or ITSPs.
>> >
>> I'm familiar with what SIP trunking is. You're right that it's  
>> imprecise.
>> However, the carrier/service provider I used to work for did make a  
>> distinction, as I recall. Ultimately, the mechanism is the same or  
>> at least similar (different facilities may be used).
>> Ric
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