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J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Tue Aug 25 11:35:58 EDT 2009

David Hiers wrote:
> The recent backhoe-fade issue brings up an interesting topic:
> As VOIP networks, are we legally required to provide 811 services?
> I"m pretty sure that we're exempt, want to kick it around with the
> group for a consensus view....
> David
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Wow... About 3 months ago I went through this same thing along with our
legal and management team here. I also had questions pertaining to
e-911, and a slew of things. I've scoured through the FCC's website on
this repeatedly as did others here and everything seems to be broadly

The end wording for us seemed to be, with regards to these services,
cover your read "must be visible", in your "terms of service agreements"
where after reading one to many a) subsets of 1) those clauses where a)
is not limited to b) because it conflicts with a) 1) b), therefore you
MUST creatively cover yourself. For lack of better explanations. There
was no direct guidance so what we ended up doing is trying to match a
regex, e.g., in Michigan:


As they came along. We rarely received calls concerning this - as our
main goal was guidance on 911. I posted this to VoIPSA once, perhaps I'd
even get a better answer now... So here it is:

In the traditional telco, if your number was disconnected the telco
company usually gave a buffer time where dialtone was available and 911
was a routable call (for lack of better terms... routable on the PSTN?).

In VoIP, when a client is disconnected, are we legally bound to keep
e-911 running ;)

Touche! And a six pack of beer for someone who can point that out on FCC.gov


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