[VoiceOps] Old code vs bold code

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We do for both Sylantro (now Broadsoft) Synergy and Metaswitch with Metasphere. The labs are generally lower-powered versions as they don't need to horsepower the production system does and we only have a single Acme SBC in the lab instead of an HA-pair, but other than that, they're pretty inline with each other. However, I believe a lab can never fully replicate a production environment due to lack of traffic (generators don't quite get the same results) and that you can never underestimate a user's ability to wreak havoc and do something that no one ever thought of or a sane person would do with equipment. 

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Out of curiosity how many out there do actually have full labs of their
environments? I know this is an arena where the full open-source guys
have an advantage over those of us using big name vendors, since getting
the budget for a pair of SBC's can be hard enough, let alone getting
budget for another one just to play with.

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