[VoiceOps] Old code vs bold code

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Thu Dec 17 14:44:49 EST 2009

On 12/17/09 11:46 AM, Brandon Buckner wrote:
> However, I believe a lab can never fully replicate a production environment due to lack of traffic (generators don't quite get the same results) and that you can never underestimate a user's ability to wreak havoc and do something that no one ever thought of or a sane person would do with equipment.

And of course we have the follies of SIP and NAT, particularly for those 
of us who have a bring-your-own-internet policy.  Recently we've had a 
rash of customers who upgraded their routers and the upgrade came with a 
SIP ALG that broke something weird.  The weirdest was one where attended 
intra-office transfer broke, but not outside transfer nor intra-office 
blind transfer.

We don't consider anything production-ready until some customers have 
beaten on it.  We migrate them in the order of beta-aware, not aware but 
systems we manage and can move back ourselves, and then the rest.

Carlos Alvarez

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