[VoiceOps] Shoretel 9.0 Call transfer using SIP softphone Xlite/Eyebeam

Jason L. Nesheim jnesheim at cytek.biz
Mon Oct 19 18:31:25 EDT 2009

Could you provide a SIP signaling capture of the communication between the Shoretel PBX, Ingate, and Broadworks? 

There are several possible issues but it would be difficult to say what applies to your scenario without a capture. 

Jason Nesheim 

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Subject: [VoiceOps] Shoretel 9.0 Call transfer using SIP softphone Xlite/Eyebeam 

I am testing Shoretel shoretel with Broadsoft and Call transfer seems to fail. 

Eyebeam à Shoregear à SIP Provider(Broadsoft) à PSTN 

Eyebeam use calls a cell phone on the PSTN side and then tried to transfer the call to PSTN user#2, Has anyone tested this with a SIP Softphone registered to Shoretel ? 
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