[VoiceOps] Call recording solutions for Broadsoft

Trevor Fontaine Trevor.Fontaine at ngt.com
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Have you looked at solutions from CTI Group?  We did some lab evals
using the Broadsoft CALEA interface and the solution seemed to work
well.  For a number of non-technical reasons, we decided not to move
forward with the project so I can't speak to how the solution works in a
production environment.
If you interested, contact me and I'll get you connected to them.

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Hello all,

We'd like to add a call recording solution to our Broadsoft network.  

Our weighted list of criteria are:

ease of use for end customers
ease of use for administrators
ease of implementation
performance efficiency (whatnots per cpu, murphies per megabyte, etc)

Yes, we do like our uptime, and we've got the budget to do it right the
first time.

In general, it seems that the marketplace has developed four different

1.  Network sniffer - SPAN a port and try to make sense out of things by
joining the SIP/RTP with configuration information

2.  SIP server - Use SIP to redirect the call into a media proxy that
captures the traffic

3.  CALEA interface - Overload the CALEA function to provide recording

4.  Dual number forward - Use two telephone numbers and a forwarding
scheme to get a call into and out of a recording server at the TN level

If you have experience with integrating a call recording solution with
broadsoft, or thoughts on the various architectures, I'd be grateful to
hear your opinion.

Thank you very much.

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