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This is great info I was looking for ,but I could not find a page where you can 
download all info in single page, you need to download for each  State/Area Code 
combination. May be someone needs to write perl script :) to import everything 
in database .

Plus , I was also looking for NPAC data , where I can find ported numbers out of 
the blocks. Anyone know of any good source? 

Is there anything I can barter for this data? Any tips?


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I would import list of assigned pooled blocks from Neustar/National Pooling 
(nationalpooling.org) into a database, then import a list of assigned NANPA 
10,000 blocks from them (nanpa.com), and roll your own.  That's all anyone else 
would be selling you anyway, more or less.

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On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Jared Geiger <jared at compuwizz.net> wrote:

> Does anyone know of a service that I can send a full +1 number to and
> get a response as to if its an assigned number or not? I know I can
> test against the LERG, but I was hoping to test if its an active
> number or not.
> I figure this can be done with SS7, but that would be costly for me to
> setup and do.
> Anyone have any tips?
> ~Jared
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