[VoiceOps] Dynamic T1 Faxing over IP

Lee Riemer lriemer at bestline.net
Wed Dec 15 18:20:33 EST 2010

Connect the FAX to an analog port on the TA900.  Disable echo 
cancellation, alc, plc, nls, and lower tx/rx gain as far as it will go.  
You shouldn't need T.38 on a T1 with QoS enabled and no public 
Internet.  Disable any (super)G3 capabilities in the fax machine.

On 12/15/2010 4:53 PM, Jeff Anderson wrote:
> We are experiencing a fair amount of heart burn attempting to support 
> faxing over our Dynamic T1 product. Some customers it works great and 
> others have frequent problems.
> We currently support dynamic T1's using both Adtran TA900 series and 
> Cisco IAD2400 services routers. The customers fax machines will 
> connect to their PBX that has a PRI to an IAD/TA. We have the IAD/TA 
> configured for SIP signaling to an Acme SBC selecting T.38 as the 
> preferred codec with fallback to g.711 pass-through. We can force a 
> slower speed, disable error correction, disabled VAD but in the end 
> still have very inconsistent results. From a network perspective the 
> QoS is matching and queuing correctly, the circuits are clean and the 
> IP SLA gives us no reason to believe they are having any network drops 
> or jitter.
> I was wondering if others who have experience with faxing over IP 
> could share what they have learned works best or anything else that 
> may be helpful.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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