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On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Matthew S. Crocker <
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> Everything is software, a 'Session Border Controller' is software.  All
> software needs some hardware to run on.  You can get a SBC that runs on
> Linux/PC server based hardware or you can get a SBC that runs on dedicated
> hardware.  Your softswitch is going to need several servers to run on as
> well.  The smallest Broasoft/Broadworks implementation is 2 servers for the
> softswitch running virtual servers and 2 SBC (Acme Packet). You can't get
> into that type of a setup anywhere near $50,000 though.
> For 2000 subscribers I would highly recommend you partner with an existing
> VoIP provider and resell their service.  They can handle all of the VoIP
> heavy lifting and send you the Call Detail Records which you can then use to
> bill.
> If you want to do it yourself you'll probably have to live in the open
> source world to keep below the $50,000 limit.
Thanks, I had been looking at the softswitch software route and had been
quoted a price of $12,288.00 for 1024 simultaneous calls. So I figure $20k
more or less for a softswitch that would do 2000 concurrencies, another $10k
in hardware. Am I too naive to want a software based solution to perform
least cost routing, billing, perhaps calling cards, etc.

I've been looking into either Asterisk or Callweaver, OpenSIPS and
Soft-Switch.org for signaling. Am I again, naive or can it be done. If not I
don't want to waste my time nor money especially if I can do it the right
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