[VoiceOps] Letting a phone ring forever?

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Wed Jul 27 09:28:14 EDT 2011

On 27-Jul-11 05:11, Jeremy Kister wrote:
> On 7/26/2011 2:09 PM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
>> We have a customer who has asked us to let his main line ring "forever"
> [...]
>> Your opinions requested.
> Is he in control of the ringtone ?
> I'm wondering if he's trying to play a message to callers without
> having to pay for minutes.

I've had numerous customers ask for longer ringback timeouts on the
calling side; it turns out that the above is a /very/ common practice
for toll-free numbers.  The menus and hold music are all "ringback"
messages, and the call isn't actually "answered" until a human agent
gets on the line.  As many of us are unfortunately aware from our own
experience calling customer (dis)service lines, that can easily exceed
five minutes.


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