[VoiceOps] TA900 DNS problems

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Sat Sep 17 22:54:17 EDT 2011

On 9/17/11 6:20 PM, Richey wrote:
> We changed the IPs on our sip servers last night.   A few days before we
> changed them we made the following change in our TA900s:

> voice trunk T01 type sip
>   sip-server primary 216.x.x.x 
>   registrar primary 216.x.x.x
> to
> voice trunk T01 type sip
>   sip-server primary sip3.atlga.domain.com
>   registrar primary sip3.atlga.domain.com  
> Then we changed the A record from the old IP to the new IP.   We run a
> pretty low TTL on that domain and flushed the DNS servers that the
> TA900s look to.   After several hours about 60% of the TA900s required a
> reboot to resolve the hostname to the new IP and the other 40% won’t do
> it no matter how many times your reboot.  The only fix is to change
> everything back to IP based using the new IPs. The oldest firmware we
> are running is T900G2A-A4-02-00-E.biz upto the most recent.

What does "sh hosts" reveal on the non-functional TA900s?

Also, are you using SRV records for SIP in your DNS?  We do, and have
not seen this issue.  It _might_ work with just A records but SRV is
more flexible, understood by the TA900, and works for us.

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