[VoiceOps] CSR Request?

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Tue Dec 11 14:22:05 EST 2012

We've had Vitelity tell us the same thing tons of times. To the point that 
as soon as they ask I don't even attempt to get them from ATT. I just 
remind them that ATT doesn't give CSR's to us. And they just some how deal 
with it.

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Carlos! Nice to see you on this list too! 
 In this particular case we are porting numbers from AT&T (bellsouth) into 
vitelity whom I am sure is using bandwidth.com. Vitelity states that only 
the losing carrier can get the csr, and AT&T of course tells me that only 
the gaining carrier can request it. And the port sits in limbo. 
 I'll go back and hammer at vitelity and see what I can get out of them. 
Thanks to everyone that confirmed there aren't standards on csr requests! 

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  On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 11:16 AM, David Wessell <david at ringfree.biz> 
  However, when I call the losing carrier they always state that they don't 
give out CSR's. And that the winning carrier needs to request the CSR.

One of the two parties is giving bad information , and I can't ever tell 
which one. Are there rules that govern the CSR requests? If there a way 
that we can ever do a CSR request without going through the consumer 

 This whole process is a mess and everybody is wrong except a few of the 
biggest carriers.  We are the same type of company as you and we've heard 
the same things.  We have been asking a customer for a copy of their bill 
to make it easy, but believe it or not, sometimes the important CSR info is 
different from the bill.  We tried telling customers to request CSR from 
their own carrier, and about half of them refuse.  We've tried sending LOAs 
to the losing carrier and about half just ignore us.  
 Qwest/CenturyLink oddly has been the easiest to work with (didn't expect 
that) and Cox the absolute worst of all the majors. 
Carlos Alvarez TelEvolve 602-889-3003 

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