[VoiceOps] Experience with outsourced telco tier 1 support, Jcurve?

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Thu Jul 19 11:17:49 EDT 2012

We had looked seriously at them a couple years ago and were generally
impressed but ultimately decided against using them because [1] they
required direct access to our internal systems and we were not willing
to grant such access and [2] we had concerns with their ability to scale
and continue a high level of service. The scalability comment is related to
#1 because as they grow their people would need to be adept at many, many
different CRM and/or ticketing systems. I am not sure if this is still how
they operate but was how they were doing it a few (3-ish?) years ago. If
they had used a single system for themselves and instead were willing to
write a web service to connect to their customers' systems we probably
would have done business with them.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:40 PM, Owen Roth <owen at impulse.net> wrote:

> We're considering using a company known as JCurve (www.jcurve.com) to
> fulfill Broadsoft customer and telco outage initial issues after-hours and
> relieve some of the strain on our on-call staff.
> If anyone has used this company and has relevant feedback that they could
> share, please contact me off-list. Similarly, if there's another company
> that they recommend, that information is appreciated as well.
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