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Nelson Hicks nelsonh at socket.net
Thu May 24 11:25:31 EDT 2012

That is very interesting, and something I was not aware of.  Broadworks 
seems to use this format for voicemail recordings:

WAV-wrapped DVI ADPCM audio (Linux file command reports it as IMA 
ADPCM), mono 8KHz

If I can figure out how to get Asterisk to use that audio format, that 
may make a lot of this a lot simpler.  Thanks for the hint!

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On 05/24/2012 09:22 AM, Nathan Anderson wrote:
> Have never used BroadWorks, but I can tell you that Asterisk VM audio 
> storage options are not limited to the 3 options most commonly 
> referenced (e.g., in the sample configuration and documentation) of 
> WAV-wrapped PCM, WAV-wrapped GSM, or raw GSM. In my experience, it 
> will allow you to set the storage format to any valid audio format 
> included in your particular build; we store all of our messages 
> natively as uLaw.
> -- Nathan
> On May 23, 2012, at 21:24, "Scott Berkman" <scott at sberkman.net 
> <mailto:scott at sberkman.net>> wrote:
>> I don’t think sharing would work like that.  In the past when I tried 
>> pointing two different BroadSoft users at the same mailbox (IMAP 
>> account) they still only played back or “saw” the messages that came 
>> in that way.  I never dug into it but I’m guessing there is a 
>> header.  It also doesn’t just take any message with a WAV attachment, 
>> so I’m guessing it would ignore Asterisk VMs.
>> Or has that changed in newer versions of BW (post 14)?
>> -Scott
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>> Broadworks uses IMAP & SMTP for storage of voicemail, we use 
>> SurgeMail.   Could you have Asterisk & Broadworks run off the same 
>> Surgemail server?  Best of both worlds,  you could even share 
>> voicemail accounts that way  (same IMAP folder).
>> -Matt
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>>     Hello,
>>     We currently have two separate SIP voicemail systems for two
>>     different platforms, and I'm looking at options to merge them. 
>>     One of them is part of an Asterisk PBX and the other is the
>>     Broadworks voice portal.
>>     We would like to avoid moving a large mass of users from the
>>     Asterisk platform over to Broadworks and tie up a bunch of
>>     messaging licenses, but I don't think we want to move the
>>     voicemail for the Broadworks subscribers over to the other system
>>     either (they would lose other voice portal functions).
>>     I'm looking for what you guys would think of to try to fill this
>>     gap, both in type of solution and software.  I'm not happy with
>>     any ideas I've brainstormed myself.
>>     Thanks,
>>     -- 
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