[VoiceOps] VoIP number can't be verified for Google ad campaigns

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Mon Feb 11 16:58:04 EST 2013

We're a small ITSP, and get most of our numbers through
Onvoy/Zayo/360networks.  We also use a variety of aggregators and other
carriers.  Today a customer called and said that when he tried to create a
Google ad campaign with one of his DIDs, it said the number couldn't be
verified.  The error message said this happens with prepaid cell phones and
"some" VoIP services.  Neither of us know what Google is looking for.  Is
it the CNAM for the number, or a white pages listing, or something else?
 As a normal practice we don't put CNAM on DIDs if they are not used for
CLID on outbound calls, and of course we don't do directory entries for DID
numbers.  Any ideas?

The specific number in question is through Onvoy.

Carlos Alvarez
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