[VoiceOps] 911 address policy for company phones at home

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I don't have a document - BUT - ask them to sign something accepting FULL
LEGAL and FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for compliance in the unfortunate event
that their staff member needs 911 and cannot dial it.



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We have a customer who wants us to block 911 on the phones that they give to
key employees to take home.  They don't want to pay fees for 911 service at
each home (which is stupid, since it's so cheap, but that's a digression).
I told them this is "illegal" but they asked to see the law, and I can't
actually find something that says so.  Yet that's the common knowledge
around the industry.  I do have the FCC documents that require an ITSP to
provide the service, but the customer contends it doesn't apply to this
specific case.


So two questions...


Does anyone here allow their customers to do this?


What is the best document to give the customer to support our position?



Carlos Alvarez




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