[VoiceOps] Edgewater competitors

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Jul 22 11:39:26 EDT 2013

On 7/22/13 8:12 AM, Matt Yaklin wrote:

> I am the exact opposite then. I used TA900 first and the devices are nice.
> But I recently tried an edgemarc 4550 that had 4xT1 ports, 4 eth ports, 1
> wan port, the newest stable code, etc.. And I was pleasantly surprised how
> easy and nice it was to use. Since it runs linux I was used to so many
> things such as tcpdump from the CLI for example. 

Unless they've recently improved it the Edgewater CLI is painful or
impossible for most configuration tasks.  RANCID configuration backup is
very difficult.

> The web interface was
> laid out nicely and as long as you pay attention to licesning needs that
> did not bother me.

Debugs on the Adtran also provide diagnostics and packet capture.  The
TA900e series has 4xT1 of which two can be PRI and two ethernet ports.
With VLANs the number of physical ports isn't usually an issue, you'll
typically have a PoE switch in the mix.

> Both can drop a PRI but on the Edgemarc you need to run older code.
> The Edgemarc can be a regular eth router while you are limited by the
> TA908 to just one eth port.

Go with the e-series or router-on-a-stick if you need it.

> The TA908 does have built in FXS but that just means you need a slightly
> different Edgemarc model to get that also.
> What I am curious about is alternatives to these two products which seem
> to be the best of class right now. Suggestions?

I'm not aware of anything else truly ready for prime time with decent
support other than the various Cisco boxes but the price point there is
usually prohibitive.

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