[VoiceOps] Multi Tenant Commercial Softswitch Besides Broadsoft

David Knell dave at 3c.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 07:20:55 EDT 2014

On 07/08/2014 09:01, MiRTA PBX team wrote:
> I read good review too on Freeswitch, but if I master asterisk, is 
> there any reason I have to start learning a new product? Usually I 
> move from product A to product B when I need the feature X and it is 
> not available in product A while it is in product B. If you had the 
> time to test both of them, which feature do you find useful on 
> Freeswitch and not available on asterisk?

We're in the (un)fortunate position of having developed multi-tenant 
PABXes based both around Asterisk and FreeSWITCH.  They both provide a 
perfectly good platform for this scenario, and it'd be more a matter of 
personal choice than anything as to which one's "better."

That said, we use FreeSWITCH pretty much exclusively for our SBCs and 
IVRs.  We did have bit of Kamailio mixed in for a while, but we didn't 
really need it's blindingly-fast performance and it was another point of 


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