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Thanks Jesse.


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Like any metric, MOS is up to you to interpret.


You will need to determine if at a certain call threshold you can
predictably see your MOS drop. From there you will need to see if you
can relate this to CPU, RAM, network saturation etc. For example, if a
particular trunk fills up and you start using a different provider at a
certain number of calls, this could be normal for you based on why that
provider is used as an overflow and isn't necessarily unexpected


As such please bear in mind that MOS from VoIP Monitor is not a
definitive metric of something out of the ordinary. It is very helpful
to help indicate potential issues but is not by itself any indication
that something is not working as expected. For example telling your
carrier that VoIP Monitor scored a few of their calls poorly probably
won't get you much on its own.




From: Adam Vocks [mailto:Adam.Vocks at cticomputers.com] 
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 11:36 AM
To: voiceops at voiceops.org
Subject: [VoiceOps] VoIP Monitor - MOS




We're considering using VoIP Monitor to analyze the call quality of our
Asterisk switch.


Here is a snip from the last 8 days.  I notice that the 99% MOS drops
when we seem to have more calls going on.  Should the 99% MOS be pretty
flat throughout the day or is this graph indicating that I have a
problem that I need to look into?  (I'm not having any complaints.  Just
trying to be pro-active.)




As always, thank for your feedback.





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