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Aastra/Mitel work well in a key mode emulation.. 9 line keys and support for SCA .. Thousands deployed and work great

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On Aug 18, 2014, at 5:26 PM, "Joshua Elson" <joshelson at gmail.com<mailto:joshelson at gmail.com>> wrote:

SLA/SCA functionality, if that's what desired, on the VVX line is spotty at best and is not supported at all on Asterisk/Switchvox, at least not in the way your users will likely expect.  At worst, it just simply doesn't work.  Not to mention that the VVX phone performance has been... let's call it "questionable," to put it mildly.  We've deployed many hundreds of them and we see pretty consistent complaints about laggy touchscreen performance and we get random reboots followed by core dumps from the phones on our provisioning infrastructure dozens of times every week.  If you're looking for key system features and thinking of using the VVX expansions, they barely work (and ONLY on the latest 5.x software), and really don't work as advertised with provisioning.

If "true" SCA/SLA type functionality is a must, you're pretty much stuck with Linksys SPA, Snom, or legacy Polycom Soundpoint lines on a Broadsoft-based switch.  Of course, there's almost no real need for the key system if people are willing to holistically look at how they use the phones, but that's a whole different batle...

Just my $.02.


On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com<mailto:colton.conor at gmail.com>> wrote:
Can anyone recommend an onsite IP PBX that fully supports the Polycom VVX series of phones? When I say support I mean auto configure, do firmware updates, etc...I know most all IP PBX's will at least be able to use the VVX as a SIP extension.

The clients wants to emulate a key system. The IP PBX should support SIP trunks of course for connection to the PSTN. The client also wants the ability to use a local MoH source, paging, and other common key system features that hosted systems don't do very well.

I was thinking switchvox, but they don't have phone feature packs for the VVX line only the older phones.

Adtran has the 7060, but according to the latest release notes:

ADTRAN branded VVX phones (model names ADTRAN VVX 300, ADTRAN VVX 310, ADTRAN
VVX 400, ADTRAN VVX 410, ADTRAN VVX 500, and ADTRAN VVX 600) work with NetVanta
7000 series AOS release version R10.8.0 and beyond without requiring an additional license key purchase.
The equivalent Polycom branded phones will not work with release R10.8.0. If you are currently using the
equivalent Polycom branded phones with the NetVanta 7000 series, you will need to either remain on a
pre-R10.8 release version or use the ADTRAN branded version of the VVX phones until a licensing
mechanism can be added to allow the use of Polycom branded VVX models.

Looks like that won't be a good option since the client already has regular Polycom VVX phones not the ones with Adtran's badge on them.

Any recommendations?

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