[VoiceOps] Broadsoft MoH

Mark R Lindsey lindsey at e-c-group.com
Thu Aug 21 22:47:17 EDT 2014

Streaming audio on hold is something that you can do with so many devices. In the partner config guides, many devices list themselves as providing "Music On Hold", but in reality they're just a PBX that has the ability to play on-hold music like any other PBX. For example, Microsoft Lync is listed (by Microsoft) as a MOH device for BroadWorks purposes.

The models that are clearly good at the application, listed in the BroadSoft docs, are:
	Pika Warp Pager

	Messages On Hold Australia

	Captivate Global

With the appropriate impedance matching device (* such as the Viking MOH-2L), though, I'm sure you could do MOH with a Linksys SPA-3102 and probably lots of other ATAs that have FXO ports and auto-answer. One BroadSoft document in particular mentions the SPA-1001 and its "Streaming Audio Server" supporting "10 sessions", but I haven't tried it.

(*) http://www.vikingelectronics.com/products/view_product.php?pid=189

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On Aug 21, 2014, at 18:02 , Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree with you. I am asking what these external solutions are. The only one I know of to date is the one that I mentioned WARP Plus. There has to be other devices out there that are certified by Broadsoft to be an external source? Can someone with Broadsoft documentation look this up? 

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