[VoiceOps] [VOIPSEC] Tackling VoIP fraud, new idea

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Fri Feb 21 15:37:45 EST 2014

On Fri, 21 Feb 2014, Hiers, David wrote:

> The key is vetting the participants.  Even the feds have a hard time with that...

Indeed which is why I stated:

1) Private mailing list - to prevent talks from being seen

2) NON freemail addresses - easier to establish that this
individual works for this company, therefore its highly
unlikely he is going to throw himself, and or his company,
under the bus passing bogus information.

The "private mailing list" is not to try to start some
secret club, VoIP Gestapo. It is merely to be able to share
data, methods, etc., with other peers in an effort to keep
our networks from piping out 100s of thousands of dollars
in toll fraud. PERIOD. ANYONE is open to participate, with
the clause that we want to, and NEED to be able to trust
data. Otherwise it will never work.

I will re-think this over the weekend and have a take two.
I think it could, and would work. I do also believe that
there are likely individuals even on this list, that would
not like the idea much, so hosting decisions need be met,
etc., in order to keep away DDoS attacks, reputation based
attacks, and so forth. That's my train of thought though.

J. Oquendo

"Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of
real peace" - Dalai Lama

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