[VoiceOps] Multi Tenant Commercial Softswitch Besides Broadsoft

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We get lots of requests for hosted Lync

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On 7/31/2014 8:57 PM, Colton Conor wrote:
> Max,
> No, we don't have our own Broadsoft platform we have a white label
> solution from a wholesaler. With that being said the wholesaler hasn't
> implemented UC-One, SMS through MessageNow, Mobilelink with
> Callthrough, or Sprint WMI integration. So they only sticky Broadsoft
> features that our clients use and would notice are gone if we moved
> away from Broadsoft are really the toolbar and Broadworks Anywhere.
> Everything else I think all the other platforms do.
> We have looked at buying our own Broadsoft, but it just cost too much
> and is too complex. It amazes me how you can spend so much on a
> Broadsoft server, and then you must get an Acme Packet, external pop3
> server, and and a whole slew of other software and hardware not from
> Broadsoft just to have a complete Broadsoft solution. A hosted,
> service provider oriented white label solution works well for our
> business plan.
> Does any of the other carriers besides Sprint have a solution similar
> to WMI? The WMI solution is neat, but Sprint is dead last in carrier
> rankings.

Sprint is the only one that integrates with a softswitch to turn mobile
handsets into extensions.

Everyone thinks that it is easy to spin up a softswitch and start
offering Hosted UC. There are so freaking many components that have to
be stitched together.

You can stitch together a BSFT replacement but the question will be:
does it scale and is it stable? That question all depends on quantity,
volume, usage, etc.

That said, you should survey your current customer base to see what they
need. It might not be unified messaging (chat, SMS, etc. in one
interface).  It might be software integration. It might be that most of
your customers just want key system emulation.


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