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Anthony Caiozzo anthony.caiozzo at telchemy.com
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Brian - certainly agree with your rationale requiring MOS scoring /
analytics in the MTA - but just playing devil's advocate here... if you end
up in a situation where your product selection forces you to drop this
functionality (as it's typically found inside top shelf gear) and you cannot
get the diagnostics from the terminal adaptor - why not collect them from
the VoIP endpoints directly?  Here's a pointer
s/12/1/Telchemy-SQmediatorSolution%20Guide_01082013.pdf) to a Polycom
solutions brief that talks to this functionality inside their handsets - but
you can also find similarly themed technology inside Cisco (SPA), Yealink,
Aastra/Mitel and other commercially available IP handsets.  This will get
you all the way to the end of line - effectively into the customers hand/ear
to see exactly what they're hearing 24x7.

Just some food for thought - let me know if this sparks any additional


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We are currently using the Adtran Netvanta 3100 Series for small SMB hosted
pbx locations were we are using someone else's bandwidth (cable, resold dsl,
etc), but are looking for something that will give us more insight into the
customers connection.  These are mainly in situations where we have the
customers host/hq but they have remote sites/workers that need to be on the
same HPBX.

Any boxes out there that you really like?

Would like to have centralized management, packet capture, voice quality
monitoring..  sub $200 price point..

Thanks in advance,
Brian Taylor
Socket Telecom, LLC
brian at socket.net

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