[VoiceOps] Future of the Traditional PSTN vs VOIP and VoLTE

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Wed Dec 9 12:17:39 EST 2015

I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, but I am concerned that some of may 
not realise how many times this conversation has played out before, in 
various permutations. The PSTN is dead, long live the PSTN, etc.

The enthusiastic proclamation of a forum/vehicle/working 
committee/consortium/federation/association for Truly Next Generation 
VoIP Peering, For Real This Time--sometimes with great fanfare--is at 
least a once-annual occurrence, if not more often.

In the end, it always dies and withers away, because in the end, nobody 
really cares what a consortium of small operators think. Without buy-in 
from a major-league industry actor, the one-year survival rate on these 
visionary initiatives is extremely low.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be tried again. I would just be realistic 
about the possibilities for large, cosmological-type change. The reality 
is that almost all ITSPs make and receive almost all of their calls to 
and from the PSTN, in one way or another. As long as that's the case, 
there won't be the critical mass for anyone to sponsor Truly Next 
Generation VoIP Peering, For Real This Time.

-- Alex

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