[VoiceOps] AudioCodes hardware?

Mark R Lindsey lindsey at e-c-group.com
Thu Jan 22 17:18:22 EST 2015

I've had experience with M2K, M1K and below on their product line. We've mostly used Audiocodes for SIP-FXS, SIP-FXO, SIP-ISDN-T1, SIP-CAS-T1, and Enterprise Survivability Gateway. It all seems to work. 

On the SIP-TDM gateway products, the knobs and dials you have available for adjusting signaling are always what we need. For example: if you need to override lots of settings in the Q.931 signaling, the Audiocodes will let you do that. And it seems to have more options than Cisco or Adtran. We've configured similar functions on lots of other gear; in the same price range, there's a lot of Cisco and Adtran among our customer base. If you want a SIP-TDM gateway (and don't need SS7 ISUP) then odds are good Audiocodes will do what you need well. 

We tend to have more Audiocodes M1K and M2K in the carrier core or special applications, with more Cisco and Adtran at customer premise. But sometimes that's regrettable: there are times it's very hard to get a Cisco or Adtran to do the signaling you need to accommodate some customer's legacy switch or PBX.

In addition, Audiocodes does make a very-robust FXS T.38 gateway as well in the MediaPack product line. 

(I haven't worked with AudioCodes' support organization in 4+ years, but you asked about the hardware. Their support might be great.)

We don't sell, resell, or consult for AudioCodes.
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> On Jan 22, 2015, at 17:03 , Ryan Finnesey <ryan at finnesey.com> wrote:
> I was wonder what the groups experience has been working with AudioCodes hardware?
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