[VoiceOps] Lack of Quality Industry-wide

Pete E peeip989 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 17:14:25 EDT 2015

Ditto. We do the same, but it doesn't get us very far. We've recently fired
two carriers for performance.

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Peter Beckman <beckman at angryox.com> wrote:

> That's a great story Anthony! It's similar to my issues. I already do this
> for termination. DID and SMS issues are more difficult to manage. And the
> issues you have with one carrier that drives you to mass port your DIDs
> that you hope to escape start happening with your new carrier.
> I wish carriers would have the same level of visibility in their service
> and infrastructure as you seemed to have with Intellisight, and then fix
> the problems proactively when they find them.
>     "What gets measured gets managed."
> So true. So elusive in this business.
> Beckman
> On Tue, 6 Oct 2015, Anthony Orlando wrote:
> You are correct Peter.  It's a  constant struggle.  For years I used a
>> product from Empirix called Intelisight.  It gave us the ability to
>> monitor carriers (and other managed objects) with defined sets of KPI's.
>>  Once I saw a carrier have issues (PDD, quality, excessive 503's) I used
>> to call them and tell them they had a problem.  Hours or days later they
>> would resolve.  I got away from that practice and just routed around
>> them.   Funny how they notice that.  Once the issue was resolved I put
>> them in a penalty box and slowly added traffic.  Once they realized I was
>> measuring their performance and there would be financial repercussions
>> it's amazing how the quality of their under lying carriers improved.  My
>> carrier ticket count dropped by 25-30%.
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