[VoiceOps] what is a fair port out fee?

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Wed Aug 24 12:26:05 EDT 2016

Two answers:

-          Should be $0

-          But really, comes to the total cost of using the carrier. The
race to the bottom has forced carriers to put a nominal price on everything
that gets touched. Ultimately it’s the total cost of their services (MRCs,
NRCs, usage, etc) that make or break your business case (unless you really
want to go with the carrier and then the business case does not matter).

And a suggestion: I would ask them to put a per-request maximum, since
these types of things mostly get handled on per request basis. We have done
this for port-ins… You pay X, unless we do a whole batch with same customer
info, then it’s up to $y per request. So if you ever leave them, it won’t
break the bank… and one-offs probably won’t break the bank either.

My 2c.

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Im trying to negotiate a new orig carrier onboard and they have a 10 dollar
port out fee.

This would be a pretty staggering figure if I had to port out my TN's due
to quality or similar issues.

I'm not naming names, thats not cool but at the same time before I sign
anything it looks like I'm seeing a lot of 1 - 3 dollar port out fees on

I really want to get this number pushed down but don't want to be
unreasonable, I just can't sign something where a port out fee is that high.

Whats the norm out there?
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