[VoiceOps] Park Button on Polycom Phones

Rob Dawson rdawson at force3.com
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The functionality of a park EFK is going to be dependent upon the way that your call control platform implements the park feature whe  you dial the FAC. For example, in Broadworks you are required to input the extension to park the call on. I think you can set the EFK to dial the extension automatically, but this would require one park and retrrieve EFK per park extension.

In Asterisk, when you park a call the system parks the call against the next available park orbit and announces the park position to the caller. Un fortunately, it uses a globally defined list of park extensions which doesn’t allow for multi-tenancy.

I had the idea of creating an extension/user per customer in Broadworks, registering it as a SIP peer on a Asterisk box, and creating an application that would mimick call parking without actually using the park application to get around the global park definition issue.
Another option on Broadworks would be to create a dedicated range of park users/extensions and use Automatic Call Hold/Retrieve and BLFs to create “park orbits” and be able to monitor their status. I actually played with this solution and it was viable.


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Anyone know how to make an enhanced feature key (EFK) on Polycom VVX phones that lets you park a call on a line you are monitoring. Ideal condition would be to hit the park button on an active call, and then hit the line/blf you want to park the call on.

The EFK's I have seen out there want you to manually enter the extension of where you would like to park the call. That is not ideal.
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