[VoiceOps] Appearance of an International call

Kidd Filby kiddfilby at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 13:22:40 EDT 2016


I have noticed some weird trouble cases, over the past year, dealing with
US originated calls showing up on a cell phone as an international call,
using the first 2-digits as a country code.

On one incident, we worked with Verizon, to really nail down the culprit.
Their engineer was very interested in finding the root cause and he spent a
lot of time with us (as well as our carriers and our customer) trying to
figure out what was causing this to occur.  He determined, in their network
anyway, it was how they were treating call information when he activated
the VoLTE service.  If he turned off the service, on the same phone, the
caller ID information would be correct.  When he activated the VoLTE, the
information was incorrect and said it was an international call and
provided the country it thought the call originated from.  He said there is
nothing he can currently do about it, other than turning off VoLTE… and we
all know that isn’t going to happen.

All of the complaints, we have had, have been to iPhones.

*There is also another cause for this behavior that has to do with a
CNAM-Like AP, some people had activated, and that had us chasing our tails
for a while as well.*

What I am wondering is, how many other folks out there are running into
these scenarios and….

1.       What are your telling your customers?

2.       What are your carriers telling you.

3.       What have you determined the issue was?

Also, if what we have been being told is incorrect, then I’d like to know
that too.

Several of our customers are negatively affected by this and we really need
to figure out a solution for the industry.


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