[VoiceOps] under what circumstances can a port out request be rejected?

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Thanks Scott! Do you know where I can find that documentation? I can only
seem to find wireless related info

On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 4:37 PM, Scott Navratil <snavratil at vitelity.com>

> Per the FCC:
>    - Once you request service from a new company, your old company cannot
>    refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for an outstanding
>    balance or termination fee.
> Hope this helps.
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> Long story but we bought out a persons 3 year Century Link 3 yr contract
> and now half a year later we just got a port out request for their main TN.
> Ordinarily I would say hey if you dont like the service no big deal but
> this is going to hurt bad if they won't pay up what they owe on the
> contract (at least what we had to pay Century Link)
> I've never tried to reject someones port out request, can I just reject
> for lack of payment?
> Do I have to give a reason?
> Do I just do like all the other providers do to me and make them provide
> CSR data and keep telling them its wrong... XD
> I'm asking in earnest, I want to be legit but this is really going to hurt
> the company I work for

Rich Breton

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