[VoiceOps] under what circumstances can a port out request be rejected?

Mike Ray, MBA, CNE, CTE mike at astrocompanies.com
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Sounds like you need a new attorney.  Carriers may not reject port-out requests for any reason other than an identity mismatch (customer does not own the number) or that the number is not in working service.  Carriers are also prohibited from disconnecting a number after receipt of a port-out request.


Carriers are specifically forbidden from rejecting port-out orders for money owed or contract reasons, and are also prohibited from contacting the customer between the time a port-out request is received and the time the port actually occurs.


A good telecom attorney would be able to tell you that; we’ve found you cannot rely upon a general attorney to know telecom law.


In the instant example, you have a contract law issue that has to be adjudicated separately from the porting process.






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Our attorney advised that we can reject it for unpaid balances, but not for future revenue based on a contract.  I never thought to ask whether early term fees could be assessed immediately so it could be denied.  Tread lightly, the FTC/FCC like to take the customer's side.


I think I'd call the customer and ask their intentions.



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Long story but we bought out a persons 3 year Century Link 3 yr contract and now half a year later we just got a port out request for their main TN.


Ordinarily I would say hey if you dont like the service no big deal but this is going to hurt bad if they won't pay up what they owe on the contract (at least what we had to pay Century Link) 


I've never tried to reject someones port out request, can I just reject for lack of payment?


Do I have to give a reason?


Do I just do like all the other providers do to me and make them provide CSR data and keep telling them its wrong... XD


I'm asking in earnest, I want to be legit but this is really going to hurt the company I work for

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