[VoiceOps] Sprint Routing/Translations contact?

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we found opening a ticket as a sprint customer to be the fastest way to get anything resolved with mobile companies.  We have gotten to the point of just having a mobile phone from every major provider for this purpose.  We have seen some really obscure issues like it will work from los angeles but not from san francisco, it becomes a real pain.

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We have a customer who has a number that their customers that are on Sprint
cell phones (and also other CDMA providers who are roaming on Sprint) can't
call. They get a message "Message 12, Switch 2410" and a request to try again
later. Other Sprint callers can reach other numbers on our network just fine.
The calls to this number from Sprint callers never reach our switch.

Our customer has asked their customers who are having this trouble to try to
put tech support tickets in to see if they can get resolution that way. Does
anyone know of any other contact or way to get a resolution to this?

Joe Kowalski
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