[VoiceOps] Opinions on Netsapiens or Kazoo

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Sun Jan 29 14:53:41 EST 2017

We have been Kazoo customers for a long time on their managed platform and
have been very happy for the past year or so. On their old version (early
3.0 days) a couple years ago, it was a mess, they were constantly having
issues. That was two years ago. Fast forward to today and the service has
basically been rock solid. They allowed us to migrate to our own
private/dedicated cluster when we got big enough but they still take care
of all the management. It wasn't very expensive. So, from a management and
"work" perspective it's been a huge win for us

It seems to have most of the features customers want and then some.

>From a feature perspective, the ability to do everything via APIs is really
great for us. We use their GUI but for anything we can't do in the GUI, or
don't like, we just write little scripts and call their API. There are some
deficiencies in the GUI (for example, it's cumbersome to automatically add
and remove conference bridge numbers for timed/scheduled conferences, since
they don't do that automatically) but we just wrote a script for it.

Because you can host the GUI portion yourself but have them run all the
"hard stuff" we are actually moving to a scenario where we run the GUI but
they run the back-end. We're tinkering with that idea but have not taken
the plunge yet.

- Ben

On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 9:26 PM, Fred Posner <fred at palner.com> wrote:

Never been super impressed with Netsapiens and would recommend looking

at CSRPswitch.com as an alternative; although it depends on what you're

looking to do with the system.


On 01/28/2017 09:16 PM, Rob Dawson wrote:

> Interested in getting opinions from folks with experience running hosted

> offerings on Netsapiens or Kazoo. Looking to see what types of struggles

> and successes you have had with the platforms, support experience,

> perhaps a little info about your target market and what differentiation

> the platform has helped you to develop – in broad terms.




> Thanks,


> Rob




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