[VoiceOps] SecureLogix

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Fri Mar 17 11:32:20 EDT 2017

Anyone using SecureLogix and can comment on their ability to

“Prevent service abuse and malicious or unwanted voice traffic to lower
expenses and boost your security and compliance efforts.



It sounds like it isn’t just an SBC-type prevention of SIPVicious-style
attacks, but also TDM blocking based on “ policy fields— call type; absence
or blocking of caller ID, call source and destination numbers; call
direction; time of call; call length; and certain VoIP call attributes,
such as excessive media rate”

I understand this can sound appealing, but having had to deal with a few
TDOS attacks, I am not sure how well does this would work in practice.

Anyone able to comment?

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