[VoiceOps] Sending CNAM to T-Mobile

Adolfo Celis acelis at Goodeco.com
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From what I could tell the subscriber did not need to be using the Name ID service… it occurred on any T-Mobile phone.
Also, it appears it overrides CNAM data.

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Interesting – does it require users to have the Name ID service?


Theoretically it should not, since they are not doing a CNAM dip and it isn’t costing them anything.

The second question is whether it augments or overrides CNAM data.

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Yes…  T-Mobile made some sort of change on how they handle CID last month…

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Subject: [VoiceOps] Sending CNAM to T-Mobile

One of our customers is claiming that when they call their T-Mobile cell phones, the CLID is correct, but they get CNAM such as "Reception1" and "Lab2".  Those are the internal names of the phones.  This seems impossible.

Anyone heard of this being possible?

The calls were sent via Onvoy.
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