[VoiceOps] T.38 version 3 industry support?

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Mon Mar 27 21:42:16 EDT 2017

Way back when we started looking into FoIP, it was hard to find good ATAs with a quality T.38 implementation (or at least it seemed that way to us).  And that's even before touching on all of the interop issues due in part to a poorly-written spec that can be interpreted many different ways.

Over the years, things seemed to have mostly settled when it comes to T.38 version "0".  ATAs are fairly abundant, and it's not hard to find direct-IP orig and term carriers that can gateway T.38, either.  But there are a lot more "Super G3" (V.34) fax terminals out there in the wild these days, and I'm getting tired of us having to explain to end-users that they need to turn that crap off.  And my perception (whether accurate or inaccurate) is that most carriers still by-and-large only support version 0 of the protocol, which has no support for V.34 modulation.

Is this accurate, or are things gradually changing on this front as well?  I haven't even bothered to shop around for and test T.38 version 3 TAs because it's pointless to go to that trouble if nobody can carry that traffic (and we are not really interested in buying a bunch of circuits and gatewaying it ourselves), though even there it sure feels like there are few options.  Not even the venerable Adtran line will do anything other than v0 (last I checked).

-- Nathan

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