[VoiceOps] SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY method for CNAM querying

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Mon Oct 30 15:12:08 EDT 2017

Thanks Carlos.

But to clarify my question:

There is clearly is *some* kind of standard out there, as indicated by
the number of (big) vendors who implement it in an agreed-upon way.

So, what I'm trying to figure out is what that standard is and where
it's defined.

The Neustar documentation contains obvious cut-and-paste from an ABNF

   calling-name-request = callee CRLF
   [ called CRLF ]
   callee =“Calling-Party” HCOLON addr-spec
   called =“Called-Party” HCOLON addr-spec
   addr-spec =SIP URI / SIPS URI / TEL URI

And it does not seem thematically consistent with the general tenor of
that document to suddenly break out some ABNF on their own accord. So,
this syntax spec comes from *somewhere*, though no citations revealing
its provenance are provided.

The same kind of thing is true in all other docs on this topic from
other major vendors. None of them reference anything non-generic (e.g.
RFC 3265).

So, what's the standard? Is it the Verizon patent? If so, why don't they
any vendor docs refer to it by name?

-- Alex

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