[VoiceOps] Troubles with Comcast

Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
Tue Jan 23 17:58:18 EST 2018

I agree. Open a ticket with the tandem provider and provide such info as calling party number, called number, day/time of calls, and what happened when failed (dead air, busy signal, etc...).

It is up to them to get the call delivered to comcast. You do not have any visibility if the calls are even reaching a comcast switch.


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You probably need to work with your tandem provider to find out they are presenting the all circuits busy error

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I apologize in advance for I am new to this level of voice.

I'm sending calls to the local tandem and I'm getting all circuits are busy when I call a Comcast number (or one ported to Comcast). Calls to those numbers work from other places (like my cell phone). Calls to other carriers on that tandem work.

How can I reach someone at Comcast to troubleshoot this?

We're using the Metaswitch platform.

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

Midwest Internet Exchange

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