[VoiceOps] Old PA System setup

Brian Hales brianhales at trueipsolutions.com
Fri Apr 19 08:38:08 EDT 2019

You can use the Snom PA1 with those valcom speakers. You just need to use a valcom power supply. If the speakers where existing, there is most likely a 24 power supply there now. If not you can order one form valcom.  They measure their power in VPUs, each speaker has a VPU rating. Make sure you get one large enough to handle all the speakers.


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Hey guys,


We're trying to find the best way to interface 3 old Valcom speakers V-1030c to an IP paging system.

I have a Snom PA1 but that won't work as we initially thought because speakers need 4 wires on a 24v power system. So 2 wires are for 24v power, and the other 2 are for audio. The snom only has a positive and negative output that feeds passive speakers, not active speakers like these.

What is the best way to utilize these 3 speakers or should we just replace the speakers? We're trying to keep budget to a minimum for them so we would prefer to utilize the same speakers but what's the best way to power them and feed them audio using the existing 2-pair RJ11 cable they use?

Thank you

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