[VoiceOps] Shoretel/Mitel phone systems and generic SIP trunking

Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 17:19:46 EST 2019

Shoretel is a sleazy, horrible organization that always seeks to extract
maximum cash from their vict(COUGH) customers.  I've only had two customers
with Shoretel systems, and in both cases we eventually got it to work after
they paid Shoretel for "SIP licenses" (SRSLY?!?) and paid their techs for
interop/setup.  However at that time (last one was a few years ago), they
didn't insist we needed to get any certifications or anything.  We just
explained that we were running fully generic SIP on our end and all we
needed was an RFC compliant call hitting us.  My only suggestion is to get
the customers to insist on this support from Shoretel.  I'm guessing they
get a kickback from their "approved" vendors.

On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 3:14 PM Nelson Hicks <nelsonh at socket.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> We've had a small but growing number of customers or leads with
> Shoretel/Mitel phone systems that want SIP trunking, but when we begin
> trying to setup and test trunking, we're being told they can't configure
> how the SIP trunking behaves, and that for the vendor to get support,
> the ITSP needs to be signed up for their Center of Excellence and
> qualify our SIP trunking with them.
> One customer says they are using a "MiVoice Business vMCD or 3300 with a
> MBG Proxy server in server-gateway", the other a
> "MiVC_Connect_Build_21.90.4127.0". I'm told a couple others are using
> ShoreTel phone systems, but I haven't seen details for those yet.
> We're mostly just using Broadworks for SIP trunking, and we've provided
> SIP trunking for Mitel systems in the past. Does anyone have experience
> with continuing to make these systems work with generic SIP trunking, or
> experiences like I've described above?
> Thanks,
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