[VoiceOps] Get ready for a weird dialplan change. 9-8-8 suicide hotline.

Ryan Delgrosso ryandelgrosso at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 12:21:49 EDT 2020

The inverse of this, forever ago, I had the city threaten to blacklist 
the corporate office of a former employer and stop responding to 911 
because one executive couldnt stop fat fingering 911 when dialing his 
home which was area code 919......

FWIW I always looked at dialplans as being charged with figuring out the 
will of the user and applying that, not imposing arbitrary, byzantine 
hurdles. Now if there is any pre-9 dialing going on, i just add a 8 
digit and 11 digit check for leading 9s and drop them at ingress and 
then both use cases are gracefully managed.

Thankfully this new service still falls into the XYY dial pattern, is 
easy enough to detect, and (so far) isn't routed differently in each 

On 7/19/2020 9:07 AM, Mike Johnston wrote:
> On 2020-07-19 00:10, Matthew Yaklin wrote:
>> they still want the 9. Sigh.
> Sigh, indeed.  I have heard this from manglement on a couple 
> occasions. Yet, when I remove the 9, especially when replacing a phone 
> system, I am usually thanked by the individuals that actually use the 
> phones.
>> Tell that to a large city customer who has 100 plus fax machines with
>> a 9 programmed in for all the speed dials
> For at least one customer, I created two different 
> dialplans/digitmaps; one that requires a 9, and one that does not.  If 
> your equipment supports it, that may be a useful transition path for 
> those fax machines.  The fax machines would require a 9, while all 
> regular handset phones would not.
> I was really hoping Kari's Law would have motivated more vendors, 
> businesses, telcos, and phone administrators to remove the 9 all 
> together with.  But instead, I am seeing a lot special casing for just 
> 911 (some Panasonic systems, for example).
> On a related note, I find it sad and frustrating that for some, it 
> required a law to incentivize the proper working of 911.  That is, 
> 9-1-1 instead of 9-9-1-1.
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