[VoiceOps] Get ready for a weird dialplan change. 9-8-8 suicide hotline.

Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 13:44:13 EDT 2020

We do very permissive dialing.  Handsets have a default area code, so they
can do 7 digit dialing if they want.  We used to accept a 9+ but not
require it, but about ten years ago dropped that.  Funnily enough, the only
problem was a support ticket 1-2 years ago from a long-time customer, with
one employee who couldn't dial out.  She suddenly woke up one Monday
forgetting that we dropped the 9+ ten years ago!  1+ or ten digits is fine
for us also.  The phone timeouts are set pretty low so it works fine, and
we only get a small number of accidental short dials because of it.

The 9+ dialing seemed to be causing some 911 misdials, which is why we
removed it as allowable.  And that definitely helped.  BUT...we still
process 9911 as a 911 call, it's just that people not having to regularly
dial the 9 first has helped stop accidental calls.

We block 411.  It's 2020.

On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 9:49 AM Mike Johnston <mjohnston at wiktel.com> wrote:

> On 2020-07-19 11:21, Ryan Delgrosso wrote:
> > if there is any pre-9 dialing going on, i just add a 8 digit and 11
> > digit check for leading 9s and drop them at ingress and then both use
> > cases are gracefully managed.
> Sounds like a form of permissive dialing.  Jam digits in, your
> translations will sort it out.  I like it!
> So for example, if I dialed an 8-digit string starting with a 9, such as...
> 9-555-2222
> ...it would strip the 9 and send it out as...
> 555-2222
> ...?
> And if I dialed an 11-digit string starting with a 9, such as...
> 9-619-555-2222
> ...again, it would strip the 9 and send it out as...
> 619-555-2222
> ...?
> Do you have issues with timeouts, though?  Especially in the 7/8-digit
> case?  However, this new 988 order will require many areas to convert to
> 10-digit dialing (including mine), which may make that irrelivent.
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