[VoiceOps] Charter/Spectrum Port Out?

jd jd at boldnetworks.net
Thu Jun 18 17:48:56 EDT 2020

I’m having this same issue with ringcentral, nobody is answering me and they’re 
claiming to not even see the port request, it’s just rejected.

There must be better protection here, ringcentral is raking in a lot of 
money on something that isn’t used and they know it..

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Subject: [VoiceOps] Charter/Spectrum Port Out?

Is there anyone at Charter/Spectrum (Oregon area) that can help with a port 

It's been rejected 5 times now.

Every time I call in, the rep gives me a slightly different variation of the 
address to re-submit.

The winning carrier keeps getting rejected and asks for a CSR copy. 
Charter/Spectrum flat-out tells me "we don't do CSR reports for small 
business customers" and then proceeds to give me a slightly different 
version of the address every time I call in.

They absolutely refuse to let me talk to or communicate with the team that 
actually makes the accept/reject decision to find out why.  They simply say 
"it was rejected because of the address".

I've spent hours on the phone over the last few weeks and I'm getting 



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