[VoiceOps] Porting dept. contacts

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Fri Jan 27 20:30:27 EST 2023

Hey all,

As someone who still relies wholly on CLEC partners for TDM-to-IP & numbering resources, and thus has no access to NPAC, how would one hunt down contact information for a telecom's porting department, if it was not published anywhere on their public web site?

Rumor has it that NPAC has a list of contact info for all participating entities...is that the only centralized list of its kind?  Also, would any telecoms without their own numbering resources be listed in there?

Reason for question is that we are beating our head into a brick wall trying to port some numbers currently attached to analog landlines over for a new sub.  The billing entity seems to just be a reseller as far as I can tell, as LRN lookup for all numbers show the local ILEC, and I can't find any sign that this entity has any numbers or even an OCN to their name (though I also do not have copy of LERG to check, either).  Porting dept. for winning carrier is submitting LSR to the ILEC, not the reseller, and naturally getting a slew of rejections back.

The one contact that the end-user has for this reseller has not been super-helpful.  They insist that the winning carrier needs to "reach out to [our] port team to coordinate" but when I ask for contact details, I'm told he doesn't have them to share & that the "porting department of the new carrier should be aware of the process".

Oh really?  And how exactly are they supposed to find the contact information for your ports people?

Just in case (as I suspect) they don't already have it at their fingertips, I'd like to find and share this contact info with our underlying carrier in order to help grease the wheels and avoid any further delays.


-- Nathan

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