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From: George Robbins (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 21:56:41 EDT

It sounds like a tired power supply or other hardware problem.

Some of what you describe is the normal power-up diagnostic

Plug a PC or terminal into the console port, and see if you're
getting any recognizable error messages.


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> Hello everybody,
> Please is any body familiar with Cisco Switch
> (Catalyst 2900 series XL)?.I have this switch connected
> to our CSU/DSU via our Router. everything was working
> fine untill recently the Switch suddenly developed a fault,we can't
> browse when we connect to any of the Switch port.But when we subtituted the
> switch with the hub we have everything working
> fine now.When you put the Switch on it behaves this way:
> The system's indicator light of the Switch blinks green.
> The RPS indicator light is off.
> The port mode (STAT,UTL and FDUP)are not showing any light,though
> sometimes light will come on,on all the modes then the UTL and FDUP
> will go off.The STAT light will stay for sometimes and will also go
> off.
> All the accessed ports have the indicator light on except the first
> port,there light also stay for short while and then go off.
> I will be grateful if anybody can help me put this switch right.
> Thanks.
> Mohammed.
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