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Hodgeman, Samuel shodgeman at xo.com
Wed Feb 4 12:00:25 EST 2009

We have several hundred IP Office customers.


When you buy the IP Office - plain vanilla, hardware/software only,
nothing extra - then the ONLY thing you get is in-warranty hardware
replacement service for one year. Need somebody to install/configure the
hardware? T&M. Need help figuring out what hardware component is bad?
T&M. The warranty covers only one thing: "hello Avaya, I have part XYZ
that has failed. Send me another one." And naturally after year one it
is ALL T&M.


So, if you have internal technical resources that can handle doing
everything that Avaya is NOT doing for you, then yes it works out pretty
cheap. ESPECIALLY since Avaya does not require any kind of
certification/registration in order to get free firmware & software
upgrades: they are publicly available for download at Avaya's support


Avaya naturally does offer full-service maintenance contracts on the IP
Office at additional cost.


-          Sam H



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I have a customer that is looking at Avaya IP office system. One of
their biggest complaints with Cisco is the Smart net for the hardware
and, ESW / UCSS for the software. Avaya is telling them that there is NO
maintenance with their system... ever. So once they buy it they will not
have the reoccurring cost. I don't deal with any other systems except
Cisco but this just does not sound correct. Has anyone had experience
with this? 



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