[cisco-voip] UCCx agent not logging in

Scott Voll svoll.voip at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 11:36:52 EST 2009

I have a new phone 7965 running and am trying to set myself up as an agent
like I have done in the past.  but I'm continuing to get the error message:

contact your system admin to associate the phone to the RM JTAPI User.  I
have done that and have even went as far as to restart the CRA engine which
of course logs all the other agents off.

What am I missing?  I have also unassociated the phone from the RM user and
reassociated it.  I'm pulling my hair out.  What am I missing?  I have 20
other agents working fine but I can't ge myself to work.  I'm wondering if
it's a 7965 issue but it shows compatible with UCCx 5.0.2sr1


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